Reading Hyped Books

I’m starting this really late and I’m well aware. Lately, life has somehow started getting hectic again and I haven’t had quite the stress-free February I was hoping for. So much so that I was thinking of not posting at all today, yet I hit upon an idea so incredible that I had to write it as soon as possible. So here I am with a list of books that are very popular and my experience reading them. They do make an interesting tale, if I say so myself.

The hype surrounding books can be both good and bad for a reader. Popular books are popular for a reason after all, that they are loved by tons of people across the book community. There’s a good chance that it may appeal to you as well. On the other hand, a hyped book comes with expectations. You do expect to love it as much as the next person, and sometimes, it just doesn’t work that way. I want to quickly go through a few books that were just as good as others made it out to be and a few I didn’t like as much as I had thought I would. The ones I didn’t enjoy are still 4 star reads for me, but the hype did contribute to my lower rating.

Reading Hyped Books

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My TBR Since the Dawn of Time

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. How it works is that each Tuesday the host assigns a topic and then posts their top ten list that fits the topic. Every blogger can create their own top ten (or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list as well and link to the host’s. The topic for February 6th, 2018 is: Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read.

TTT 2_6_18


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The House Cup Reading Challenge TBR

I’m so late to the party, but as soon as I saw that Lia from Lost in a Story signed up for this, I knew I had to as well. It is a month-long competition that helps take on our TBR, hosted by Lauren of Live, Love, Read, Erica of Escape Under the  Cover, Kelsey of Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf and Alex of Booksy Daisy. The rules and how the challenge works can be found here. I’m running out of time to complete my sign-up, so let’s just get into it.

Name: Nandini Bharadwaj
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand Type: Sycamore wood with phoenix feather core (10 ¾”)
Pet: Golden tabby cat named Athena
Favourite Subject: Astronomy
Favourite Professor: Professor McGonagall

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Discussion – Do You Re-Read Books?

Welcome to my brand new Saturday discussion post! Doing reviews and book memes is well and good, but without a good interactive post, I felt like the blog was lacking something. In July, when I was making Harry Potter-themed Saturday posts, I did a discussion post on The Cursed Child. Due to its good reception, I’m planning to continue that, but with a broader scope. Today I’d like to discuss about the habit of re-reading that has been weighing on my mind lately. To participate in this, hit me up in the comments section below or if you think you have a lot to say, write up a post on your blog and do a pingback so I can read your thoughts on this (there is no deadline for that).

Re-Read Discussion

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Discussion – Do You Consider The Cursed Child Canon?

Welcome to another post in my Harry Potter themed monthly series! July always puts me in the mood for Harry Potter because it is J. K. Rowling and Harry’s birthday this month. Also, the 20th year celebrations that took place recently have given me plenty of reason to take a trip down memory lane. Today I’m opening up a discussion on one of the most controversial topics for fans of the series – Do you think Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is canonical? Sure, it is listed as the 8th book in the series and marketed as canon, but opinions on it differ greatly.

Note: This post contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

HP Cursed Child

Personally, I like to pretend this book doesn’t exist. I haven’t watched the play, but many have praised it and it has won several awards. I think I’d have liked it better if it had remained only a play. I didn’t need it as an addition to my beloved seven-book Harry Potter series.

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A Very Potter Book Haul

It’s been a while since I posted and that’s because life got pretty hectic since I started a new job. I didn’t expect it to get so busy so suddenly, but that’s life I guess. I promise to be more consistent because this blog is precious to me, pretty much as the Ring was to Gollum. I did say this month would be Harry Potter themed to celebrate its 20th anniversary and the impact it has on my life. I must confess that I don’t own physical copies of all the books (which shall be rectified as soon as I get my salary, never fear), but I have a few books on here that is my entire Harry Potter collection.


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Top Three Thursdays #17 – Books I Wish I Grew Up With

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly series, Top Three Thursdays, or, for convenience, TTT. Every week I discuss my top three in any bookish topic. If you’d like to participate, write up a post on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below.

The topic for today (29/06/17) is: Books I Wish I Grew Up With

With the recent celebration of 20 Years of Harry Potter, I began to think about books I wish I’d read as a child. I was introduced to the series pretty late (in 2007, around the time The Deathly Hallows book came out) and I feel like I’d have enjoyed it better if I’d started it when I was younger. Although I picked up The Chronicles of Narnia in fourth grade, Harry Potter in seventh grade and Percy Jackson in eighth grade, here are some other well-known children’s series I want to go back in time and read (Since that’s still not possible, I’m going to coerce my kids to read them while growing up, if I ever have any).

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Top Three Thursdays #16 – Got Caught Reading

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly series, Top Three Thursdays, or, for convenience, TTT. Every week I discuss my top three in any bookish topic. If you’d like to participate, write up a post on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below.

The topic for today (15/06/17) is: The Times I Got Caught Reading

Being an obsessive bookworm, chances are you’ve read books at times and in places you’re supposed to be doing something else. I know I have. ‘Get Caught Reading’ is also a reading initiative supported by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), with May being ‘Get Caught Reading Month’. I don’t live in the United States and neither is it May now, but I thought this would make a great post idea. Here are the “top three” (i.e. most memorable) times I got caught reading.

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