Top Three Thursdays #17 – Books I Wish I Grew Up With

Hello and welcome! This is my weekly series, Top Three Thursdays, or, for convenience, TTT. Every week I discuss my top three in any bookish topic. If you’d like to participate, write up a post on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments below.

The topic for today (29/06/17) is: Books I Wish I Grew Up With

With the recent celebration of 20 Years of Harry Potter, I began to think about books I wish I’d read as a child. I was introduced to the series pretty late (in 2007, around the time The Deathly Hallows book came out) and I feel like I’d have enjoyed it better if I’d started it when I was younger. Although I picked up The Chronicles of Narnia in fourth grade, Harry Potter in seventh grade and Percy Jackson in eighth grade, here are some other well-known children’s series I want to go back in time and read (Since that’s still not possible, I’m going to coerce my kids to read them while growing up, if I ever have any).

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