January Wrap-Up + February Reading Month (2018)

I did promise you a wrap-up in my previous Saturday post and here it is! This a great way to look back on the month you’ve had and plan for the one ahead. As always, I like to keep my content original and also benefit my readers, so I’m going to be doing a quick recap of how the month went for me reading-wise, what I’m going to try and achieve in February as well as talk about my most anticipated releases so you can add some (or all) of them to your TBR. Excited? Then without further ado, let’s talk books!
Jan Wrap-Up

What I Read
I read a total of 5 books according to Goodreads, whereas it was really 4 books and a short story. I started a new series by a new-to-me author, Victoria Schwab, and A Darker Shade of Magic was my first read of the year. I followed it up with A Gathering of Shadows and I’m currently reading the conclusion, A Conjuring of Light. I feel like I’m the last person to have started with V. E. Schwab’s books and I’m happy to report I really enjoyed these two books, the first more than the second.

After finishing the first book though, I took a break from fantasy and read It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne. I was introduced to this author by Lia from Lost in a Story, who read a reviews a slew of her books. (Thanks, Lia!) I was looking for some fun contemporary with romance in it and this is what I decided to pick up. I made a batch of popcorn one evening and finished the book in one sitting. It wasn’t the perfect feel-good book that I was craving for, but I did love the book and how the author handled the topic of ideal versus real romance.

Then it was time for the Winter Biannual Bibliothon of 2018, which was a lot of fun, plus I got a good amount of reading done. You can find more about the read-a-thon in my TBR post and about my experience in my wrap-up post. In summary, all of the books were either 4 or 5 star reads for me, so I had a pretty good reading month. However, I was inconsistent with my reading, by which I mean I read sporadically and not regularly. I feel like I’m slumping but also not. It’s been a little weird and I’m still trying to work out a regular schedule that includes work, blogging, reading and having a social life, so I know it’ll get better as time passes.
Jan Read 2018


  • 1 book ahead of schedule for my Goodreads challenge at the end of January
  • Joined 3 different blogging groups – for international bloggers, for new bloggers and for older bloggers who still read YA
  • Made tons of new blogging friends
  • New favourite author on Twitter – Gloria Chao
  • Almost hit 900 views in January
  • Received 500 total likes on the blog (counted from its inception)
  • Successfully completed my first Bookstagram photo challenge

Memorable Posts

Anticipated Releases

  • American Panda by Gloria Chao (February 6th) – talks about a Taiwanese-American girl figuring out how to strike a balance between familial expectations and her own desires
  • Tempests and Slaughter by Tamora Pierce (February 6th) – tells the story of how Numair Salmalín came to Tortall, a new series set in the beloved Tortall universe created by a legend in fantasy literature
  • The Rogue Queen by Emily R. King (February 13th) – the third instalment in The Hundredth Queen series following Kalinda who has fire magic running through her veins, set in a fantasy world inspired by Indian culture
  • The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton (February 13th) – one of the most anticipated releases of the year, it follows Camellia who aspires to be the favoured Belle of the royalty in a world where people are born plain and only the Belles can bestow beauty
  • Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston (February 27th) – an Anastasia retelling set in space inspired by Firefly
  • A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena (February 27th) – follows a girl labelled the ‘troublemaker’ and tackles issues of race, identity, class, and religion
  • The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani Dasgupta (February 27th) – featuring an ordinary girl, Kiranmala, who has no idea that she is a real Indian princess until one day she’s swept into a magic-filled alternate dimension

February Releases 2018

Tentative TBR
I’ve started on three books simultaneously already – A Conjuring of Light (as mentioned before), The Silmarillion and The Fandom. The second book has been on my TBR for quite a while now and I’m finally getting around to it! This is a buddy read with the wonderful Jenna from Falling Letters and the first buddy read I’m attempting. We’re going to be taking this slowly, so I don’t have plans of finishing this off in February. The third is the first book club pick of the Crone Bloggers group and I’ve already started it.

Since I’m doing two bingo challenges this year (I talked about it in this post), here are the books I’m planning to read in February that will cross off some of the squares –

Science Fiction vs Fantasy Bingo 2018

Portal, Dystopia, Rebellion – The Fandom by Anna Day

Space, Retelling, AI – Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Asian, Alternate Reality, Demonic – The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani Dasgupta

Asian Lit Bingo

East Asian MC, Contemporary with Asian MC, Romance with POC/Indigenous Love Interest – American Panda by Gloria Chao

West Asian MC – A Girl Like That by Tanaz Bhathena (will confirm the exact squares after I finish reading)

South Asian MC, SFF with Asian MC – The Serpent’s Secret by Sayantani Dasgupta


That turned out longer than I expected! How did January treat you? Do you have any highlights to share? What book are you most anticipating that releases in February? Let me know in the comments section below.

19 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up + February Reading Month (2018)

  1. Ooo I want to join a blogging group. I heard the silmarillion is kinda hard to read so I look forward to hearing what you think of it. In case you are looking for African sci fi and fantasy, I could recommend some.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes please! I’m always down for now fantasy and I haven’t actually explored African fantasy all that much. I read Beasts Made of Night and I’m excited for Children of Blood and Bone. I’m not able to recollect the other few I know, so do let me know what I’m missing!


      1. Thanks for the recommendations! Will surely check them out. 🙂
        No, it’s on Discord. I linked Avalinah’s post in the ‘Memorable Posts’ section. You can ask her on her Twitter. She’s the admin for the international bloggers group. 🙂


      1. No, it wasn’t a required reading cause it’s been at least three years since I had required reading! I was just in the mood for something horror-y and that kept coming up so I decided to give it a go 🙂 I do enjoy short stories, though!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Spunkyreads

    Love the format of this wrap up Nandini. It gives us insight into what bookish things are new in your life apart from just knowing about what your reading. I just joined the new bloggers group too: )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay, that’s great! 😁 So nice to see a familiar face on there. They’re a really supportive and sweet bunch. 🙂
      Thank you! 🙂 I was really looking for some feedback because I’m trying out new content formats. Your comment means the world to me. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Olivia-Savannah

    You had a really good January! Congratulations on starting and completing a bookstagram challenge (I’ve never done that before) and for being able to make a lot of blog growth progress! I have read The Yellow Wallpaper and The Little Prince too and really enjoyed both of them too. I’m glad to see you did too. ^^ I also really want to read that Darker Shade of Magic series DD: Glad you loved them!

    My recent post: http://oliviascatastrophe.com/2018/02/reading-wrap-up-january-december/

    Liked by 1 person

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